What our Clients Say...

Marty Casey:

"Over the course of my career I have had the opportunity to work with many great mixers (even Multi-Grammy Award Winning Mixers) in the business. Chris Steinmetz is a magician of sound. He takes the tracks he is given and builds the song to a level far beyond my expectations. At the core he understands the mechanics of what a great recording should sound like. It’s all about the passion of the performance and Chris understands how to showcase that depth."

Newton Bach:

"Chris is a super accomplished audio engineer and producer. I trust his judgement, experience and knowledge to the nth degree. He has the ability to find and enhance the essence of a recording, and negotiate the fine line with finicky artists with patience and in the end he makes sure you get the results you’re looking for."

Jen Porter:

"I’ve put out three albums to date and no one has ever captured that live energy, raw power and voice I have on stage. As a result, I’m currently recording my entire 4th album with Chris as Producer and Engineer. So far, I feel like the recordings I’m creating now are worlds away from my previous work. I’m looking forward to the best album I’ve ever made, thanks to Chris’s fantastic ears and superior knowledge of getting the best out of everything on which he makes his mark."

Aaron Beats:

"Yo, just got the new mix … wow wow wow wow wow, that’s all I can say."